Priority Services

Priority Services Supply Company: How We Work

Today, ready to take on all questions relating to the search, acquisition, transport equipment and products - Priority Services Supply Company comes to the help of oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. Cooperate with our company will save Your money and time. Such services provide qualified proffesionals of Priority Services, with extensive knowledge in the areas of energy, oil and gas, which are ready to provide consulting assistance to our clients among other services.
In collaboration with Priority Services Supply Company, client requests only necessary product names, all the rest - business of professionals who are responsible not only for the delivery of products to the customer, but also for its quality. Oil and gas companies receive tangible benefits - excluded lack of coordination, which so often occurs when working with several suppliers. And save money is palpable - Supply Company buys products at wholesale prices, as collaborate directly with the manufacturers. Most oil and gas companies prefer to buy products in small quantities. This is due to the fact that large volumes of products must be stored somewhere, and not every company has the possibility of disposing of the equipment and products at all.

01 Priority Services Supply Company Kazakhstan acquires equipment and products at wholesale prices, as collaborate directly with the manufacturers from Japan, South Korea, EU Countries, Turkey, Russia and USA.
02 Qualified specialists of Priority Services, with extensive knowledge in the areas of energy, oil and gas, provide services relating to the search, acquisition, transportation of equipment and products.
the benefit of the manufacturer and the customer

Wide Range of Industrial, Gas and Oilfield Equipment & Parts that Priority Services Regularly Supplies:

  • Geophysical equipment
  • Exploration equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Production equipment
  • Workover equipment
  • Hydrocarbon transportation equipment
  • Pipeline fittings and accessories
  • Pipes and rolled metal products
  • Cables and wires
  • Electrical equipment and products
We supply from famous worldwide branded manufacturers:

FIAMM, WEG, Cemp, Hongtek, Kappler, Prok Devices, Thermopatch, Wartsila, UniPoint, John Deere, Scania, Eland Cables, Elora, DuraLabel, Osram, ABB, SKF, Draeger, Tyco, Brady, Swagelok, Warom & etc.

All Brands
  • Instrumentation and automatic equipment
  • Pump and compressor equipment
  • Heat exchangers and heat transfer equipment
  • Automotive and road construction equipment
  • General purpose equipment
  • Auxiliary and general purpose materials
  • Construction and insulation materials
  • Personal protective clothes and equipment
  • Chemicals and fuels
  • Other