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Hongtek - Make Better Filtration

Hongtek Filtration Co., Ltd. is famous for high-tech filtration, separation and purification, committed to provide high quality filtration solution to meet worldwide customers various needs with good service, struggle for health, safety and environment friendly sustainable development.

Since 2000, Hongtek specialize in better filtration solution, supply good quality filters & housings to a diverse range of customers in water treatment, food & beverage, oil & chemicals, electronics, petrochemical, sea water desalination, power plant etc.

Hongtek - Water Filter Cartridges Leading Manufacturer China

  • Innovation - Along with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the demand of filtration systems in various fields are higher and higher. As a filtration products leader, Hongtek people are faced with great challenges, we must strengthen the research and development ability of products. Perhaps you may not see our engineering research and development of the details, but when you get our high quality filtration products, can feel we pour ourselves into hard work and innovatory significance.
  • Strategy - Win-win Together is Hongtek business strategy. Facing to stimulate competition, we always insist on sharing profit, mutual benefit with customers, employees, investors, suppliers and service providers. Only in combination with plenty of resources, encourage innovation actively, Hongtek can make better filtration product continuously. We are striving to achieve new financial and operational performance targets, guide work with performance and market share. Help customers wholeheartedly, grow and win together with customers.
  • Responsibility - With the development of science and technology, human impact on the earth's environment caused the inevitable destruction and pollution. Water and air are the main factors of human existence, Hongtek always try our best to make good filtration material, contribute to purify the environment. We advocate waste water treatment, using physical, chemical and biological methods to purified water, make waste water recycling and reuse, reduce emissions and strengthen filtration technology for protecting the environment.
  • Charity - As the pioneer of environmental protection filtration materials enterprise, Hongtek has the courage to shoulder the social responsibility. Every year, Hongtek take out some of the company's profit to help those in need, regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnic or national differences, religion and beliefs, we would be pleasure to support. Hongtek also donate some substances, provide filtration materials and technology, help to solve the water shortage in some regions, hope more groups join us to help more people with gratitude and humility.

Priority Services LLP Supply Company is a distributor of Hongtek Filtration Co., Ltd. in the Republic of Kazakhstan