Priority Services

PSSC Solutions

Priority Services LLP solutions for the power generation, marine and oil&gas sector at a glance.
Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions Lifecycle support in marine and offshore projects.
Ballast Water Management
Ballast Water Management Choice of AQUARIUS systems utilising UV or EC treatment.
Compressors High pressure air & gas compressors & CNG refuelling station solutions.
Electrical & Automation
Electrical & Automation Products and solutions for electric propulsion and automation.
Engines & Generating Sets
Engines & Generating Sets Our portfolio of engines for marine and power generation applications.
Exhaust Gas Cleaning
Exhaust Gas Cleaning Exhaust gas cleaning systems to reduce NOx and SOx emissions.
Propulsors & Gears
Propulsors & Gears A broad range of solutions comprising gears, propellers, thrusters and waterjets.
Inert Gas Systems
Inert Gas Systems High quality, inerting gas solutions preventing the risk of explosion.
Oil & Gas Systems
Oil & Gas Systems Oil separators, gas handling systems & process solutions, including LNG projects.
Pumps & Valves
Pumps & Valves Range of Pump & Valve technologies for the marine and oil & gas industry.
Seals & Bearings
Seals & Bearings Reliable & easy to maintain from the world's leading supplier.
Ship Design
Ship Design A unique range of ship designs for the marine and oil & gas markets.
Waste, Oil & Fresh Water Systems
Waste, Oil & Fresh Water Systems Systems to manage sewage, oil, bilge & produce fresh water.
Power Plants
Power Plants Services Solutions for power generation.
Service agreements, upgrades & retrofits
Service agreements, upgrades & retrofits Engine, Seals & Bearings, Electrical & Automation, Environmental and Propulsion Services.